NRO to NRE Transfer

NRO to NRE Transfer Process:

If you hold an NRO & NRE account with a bank , you are permitted to transfer upto USD 1 million/ FY from balances held in NRO account to your NRE account.


Documents required:

  • Application form/Cheque
  • Form 15 CA(Duly signed by you)
  • Form 15 CB (On the letterhead of CA)
  • Source of funds proof
  • Form A2 (In case of direct outward remittance from NRO account)


Repatriation of Current Income

  • Remittance of current income (income pertaining to current financial year viz. rent,dividend, pension,interest etc.)
  • Current income can be remitted abroad without any upper limit. This is over and above USD 1 m scheme.
  • Interest earned on NRO Savings accounts can be repatriated without collecting form 15 CA & CB.
  • Dividend can also be directly to NRE account
  • Current income can be credited directly also subject to payment of taxes.
  • Dividend can be transferred directly into NRE account provided max limit of 10 lakhs is not breached
  • Interest in NRO Savings account and NRO FDs can be transferred to NRE account .
  • 15 CA needs to be signed madatorily by customer
  • Digital signatures on 15 CB can be accepted by banks.


Prohibited Items

  • Third part funds are not eligible for repatriation
  • If you have taken a loan against securities/shares (LAS) , these funds cannot be transferred to NRE
  • If you have taken a loan against NRE Deposits/FCNR deposits (OD)in NRO account, such funds cannot be transferred to NRE Account.
  • Similarly, loan against LIC etc. cannot be transferred to NRE account
  • Loan against property (LAP) cannot be transferred to NRE account


  • You should choose only one Authorized Dealer at a time to avail of USD 1 m scheme.
  • All documents should be signed by the respective account holder availing this facility.
  • Do not breach the yearly 1 M scheme across all banks by transferring more than 1 m USD cumulatively.



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